Selected Publications of Farhang Torki

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Torki, F. 2006. "Spermatogenesis of the agama Trapelus lessonae in the central Zagros Mountains, Iran" Zoology in the Middle East, 38: 21-28.

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Torki, F. 2009 " Some ecological and biological Aspects of Echis carinatus sochureki Stemmler, 1969, with Notes on the likely Dispersal of the Genus Echis Merrem, 1820, in southwest Asia" Sauria. 31 (1): 33–37

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Torki, F. 2010. Biology and Ecology of Andreas' racer Hierophis (s.l.) andreanus in western Iran. Sauria, 32(4): 27-32.


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Sadeghi, R. and Torki, F. 2011. Notes on the natural history and distribution of Carinatogecko stevenandersoni Torki, 2011. Amphib. Reptile Conserv. 5(1):34-36(e24).

Torki, F. 2012: Distribution, Morphology, Ecology, Biology and Captive Care of two Iranian Newts. Sauria, (34)1: 3-20.

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